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In the heart of Italian Alps, Lake Como is an enchanting place, the source of inspiration for many artists. Its multifaceted waters in which the hills bordering the lake are reflected will make you to travel in the heart of Lombardy. The historical hotels, the splendid villas, the lush gardens, the villages with authentic architecture make the charm of the lake and its surroundings.

In the distance looms, the summit of the Alps continually reminded that Lake Como is a small corner of paradise protected and nourished by mountains.

The nature, remained intact thanks to the people’s protection, surrounds this body of water and calls for serenity. However, make no mistakes Lake Como and its charming inhabitants can surprise you when you are looking animation. Even if the lake imposes relaxing atmosphere, the cities bordering the natural basin remain lively and there is no lake of activities to delight you.

You want to refresh yourself during the summer at the lake’s edge or to enjoy a mild climate at the foot of snowy mountains in winter; the Lake Coma is an ideal destination for a relaxing and romantic holiday that will dazzle your senses…

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The Discovery of Como

The city of Como is surrounded by mountains that line the banks of the Lario, and create an enclosure created by the Romans. The shores of the lake, Piazza Cavour make Como a very attractive city for tourism with of all kinds of shops, including some very luxurious hotels, cafes and restaurants. The historical center is located around the Piazza del Duomo and San Fedele, where you can see the most attractive monuments.

Como therefore is a charming city for walks. And what a seductive: a pretty historic center with a beautiful Duomo, small squares with colorful facades, good restaurants, delicious glaciers.

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The Discovery of Bellagio

Bellagio and Varenne are the two most beautiful villages, enchanting, near the lake in the Lombardy region.
Bellagio, called Pearl of the Lake is a strategic place for the Romans, dividing the lake into two branches, Como and Lecco, offering incredible scenery overlooking the entire Lake Como. You will discover its picturesque streets and staircases, its luxurious villas ...

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