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Tremezzo, which means « middle earth » in Italian, is facing Bellagio and is one of the most beautiful towns of Lake Como. This village renowned for its Villa Carlotta, built in the XVII century, which houses works of art by Antonio Canova, Thorvaldsen or Hayez and has a sumptuous botanical garden is a must Lake Como. Protected by the mountains of the Italian Alps, the climate is mild and resplendent landscape.

Tremezzo has always been appreciated by tourists but also artists. The city regularly hosted big names like Giuseppe Verdi, Queen Victoria of England or Greta Garbo. Now Tremezzo is a worldwide renowned city which attracts with its charm and history. Exceptional villas with dazzling architecture and decoration, such as the Villa Carlia and Villa La Quiete, abound and reveal lush gardens overlooking and reflected in the clear waters of the lake.

From Tramezzo it is interesting to reach the hamlets of Bolvedro and Rogaro containing captivating historical monuments like a church dedicated to San Lorenzo, another dedicated to Santa Maria and contains a black virgin or a tower dating from the Middle Ages.

Tremezzo is an exciting city that provides a romantic and rejuvenating getaway closer to the lake. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo 5 star, magnificent palace, is at your disposal to make your stay exceptional.


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